General introduction

Following the European Commission TA Facility managed by the EEEF, the Fund set up the EEEF TA Facility to support ambitious public beneficiaries in developing bankable sustainable energy investment programmes. These projects shall relate to the energy efficiency sector, small-scale renewable energy and/or public urban transport. The EEEF TA Facility aims to bridge the gap between sustainable energy plans and real investments through supporting all activities necessary to prepare investments into sustainable energy projects.

To help the TA beneficiaries even more as well as to insure a higher project implementation rate, EEEF goes one step further and provides TA support by way of consultant services. This means that EEEF selects appropriate experts with the required knowhow and expertise via a tender process (completed entirely by the EEEF) and assigns them to the relevant investment programmes. The TA beneficiaries can use the consultant services to carry out for example feasibility studies, energy audits and evaluate the economic viability of their investments. Legal support for the investment programmes on the other hand, will be mandated by the TA beneficiary directly, while costs to be covered by the EEEF.

The EEEF TA Facility builds on the experience gained from its predecessor facility and is managed by Deutsche Bank AG, the EEEF TA Manager.

The EEEF TA Facility has received funding from the ELENA facility under the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union.

The first call for proposal of the EEEF TA Facility was successfully closed on 01 March 2017. The recently launched facility attracted interest among various public authorities seeking for support to develop their sustainable project plans. In addition to numerous early-stage TA enquiries, EEEF received 6 TA applications from public authorities. The winning TA applicants will be announced after 15 March 2017. Going forward EEEF is open (no deadline) for TA project proposals on a first-come-first-serve basis, subject to availability of funds and the Fund’s appetite for proposed sector/technology etc.

Photography: Rodolphe Escher